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  • epilogue

    For the past 8 years —and since 2014 as Polarisk— we have been the first private industry analysts to dedicate all of our time, energy and research capacity solely to Arctic and Antarctic economics, politics and security.


    General interest in polar affairs has fluctuated over the years but we have been lucky to score assignments with pioneers located in Europe, Russia and the Middle-East.


    We are grateful to all the ones who have collaborated with us, whether as part of the team or as external contributors/field researchers. Thank you so very much !


    We feel truly honored by the 40+ students, seasoned professionals and high-level experts who offered to contribute or who spontaneously applied for an internship or a job with us. We are sorry we could not accommodate the large majority of you.


    We would also like to thank the conference organisers and planners who have given us the chance to share our analyses in 50+ public events on 4 continents since 2013.


    Finally, we would like to thank the 110+ media outlets who have given us the opportunity to spread our research and analyses in 31 countries and over the internet.

    In the past year, the demand for Arctic and Antarctic market analysis and perspective research has bounced back. That prompted a few experts to start their own Polar boutique consultancies. We sincerely wish them good luck.


    Our reality today is that we can no longer try to compete with the big names in the business who, despite having little to no polar affairs expertise, have captured the market in a matter of semesters. We are simply not big enough to bring in the new talented analysts and sales managers we would need to increase our portfolio.


    We are right in the chicken or the egg causality dilemma.


    Therefore, instead of endlessly spending more energy trying to solve that dilemma and push on in this unfavorable environment, we feel it is time for us to take our expertise to bigger, global, teams.


    See you soon. Thank you all for this bumpy but massively enriching ride !

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